Hive Fabric

Hive Fabric Data Center Software Stack

HiveIO Hive Fabric Data Center Software Complete Virtualization Solution

Enterprise cloud platform scaling without limits and delivering on performance, simplicity and cost reduction.

HiveIO Hive Fabric Data Center Software delivers a Cloud Platform solution for the Next Generation Datacenter – a simplified virtualization infrastructure to dramatically reduce cost.

An all in one platform providing optimized storage, hardware virtualization, VM management and Broker as a stand simplified software stack.


Technology Features Solving Key Challenges


Complete Cloud Stack

One Click Simplicity

Virtual Servers
Deploy Applications in Minutes

Application Virtualization
Automate Application Management



Hive Fabric provides in host accelerated RAM, Flash or SAS based storage ensuring the fastest performing VDI/VSI experience


Full Infrastructure stack from Hypervisor to End Point is delivered by a single vendor, managed through a single pane of glass

Cost Effective

Hive Fabric PaaS stack replaces the need for expensive Hypervisor, broker and management technologies typically reducing the cost of a VSI or VDI by 50-75%



Test Drive HiveIO’s Software Defined Data Center Software Platform

HiveIO Cloud Enabled Software Platform turns your virtual workspace into a high performing and simplified infrastructure.